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cPanel & WHM's Software Development Kit (SDK)

Welcome cPanel & WHM developers! If you have found this page seeking information about our software development kit, you are in the right place. This area of our site provides information about how you can create software that interacts with cPanel & WHM.

Why Develop for cPanel?

We strive to make it easy to develop for cPanel & WHM. Our software development kit (SDK) contains instructions and sample code about the different methods you can use to interact with our product. We provide several versions of a fast, flexible API, in addition to some scripts and modules that will make it easy for you to create code that interacts with our software.

How do I get started?

If you are new to developing for cPanel & WHM, you should review our API documentation. Our API allows you to control cPanel & WHM through a series of pre-written modules that you can drop into your own code. Make sure to read the descriptions of each API as each version allows you to manage different aspects of cPanel & WHM.

Once you have some experience with our API, you should consider reviewing our documentation about hooking into cPanel's functionality. This will allow you to automate tasks before and after APIs are run on a cPanel & WHM system.

If you have lots of experience with cPanel & WHM's software development kit and are having trouble locating the information you require, you should head over to our forums. We are always happy to hear what you need from you, a valued cPanel customer. Feel free to make a suggestion at our forums or using the feedback button on the right-hand side of our page.

Where can I go for help?

Our forums are a great resource for any questions you may have. The forums are populated by both the cPanel staff and a dedicated group of knowledgeable developers like yourself. We strongly encourage you to join, post, and share your questions, comments, and concerns with this active online community. If you have an encountered a problem that can't be solved in our forums, we have a staff of dedicated people who are waiting to hear from you via our ticket system.

Contact Method Description
cPanel & WHM Developer Forum If you find yourself stumped on a problem, wondering where you can go for help, we suggest you check out our forums.
Submit a Ticket If you suspect that one of our updates broke something, you should submit a ticket.
The Integration Blog You can find announcements and new information at our integration blog.

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