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ACL Corresponding Privileges
edit-pkg Edit a package
add-pkg Add/remove a package
mailcheck Troubleshoot mail delivery
show-bandwidth View account bandwidth usage
list-accts List accounts
clustering Clustering
news News modification
thirdparty Manage third-party services
kill-dns Remove
edit-dns Edit
park-dns Park
create-dns Add
ssl SSL site management
create-acct Create
suspend-acct (Un)suspend
res-cart Reset shopping cart
passwd Change passwords
ssl-buy SSL certificate purchase
frontpage Manage FrontPage
upgrade-account Upgrade/downgrade
ssl-gencrt SSL CSR/CRT generator
edit-mx Edit MX entries
kill-acct Terminate accounts
viewglobalpackages Allow the reseller to use all global packages
disallow-shell Prevent accounts from being created with shell access
add-pkg-shell Allow creation of packages with shell access
allow-addoncreate Allow creation of packages with addon domains
allow-parkedcreate Allow creation of packages with parked domains
allow-unlimited-disk-pkgs Allow creation of packages with unlimited disk space
allow-unlimited-pkgs Allow creation of packages with unlimited features
allow-unlimited-bw-pkgs Allow creation of packages with unlimited bandwidth
add-pkg-ip Allow creation of packages with a dedicated IP
resftp Resync FTP passwords
restart Restart services
status View server status
stats View server information
quota Quota modification
demo-setup Turn an account into a demo account
edit-account Account modification
limit-bandwidth Bandwidth limiting modification
rearrange-accts Rearrange accounts
all All features
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