This section includes features related to adding, removing, and transferring licenses, finding a list of your currently active licenses, and viewing lists of recently added and expired/suspended licenses.

The Licenses section

Add License

Here you can add licenses to your account.

  1. Enter the new IP addresses in the Ip Address field, one per line.
  2. Select the group to which you would like to assign the new license.
    • Click Show all groups to list any groups that do not appear in the list.
    • For more information about groups on your account, see the Groups section in this guide.
    • To learn how to change which group is selected by default, see My Default License Addition Settings under the Users section.
    • To learn how to limit the groups that are shown in this list, see Update My Information under the Users section.
  3. Select a package to assign to the new license.
    • For more information regarding the packages available for your account, see the Packages section in this guide.
    • To learn how to change the default package on this screen, please see My Default License Addition Settings under the Users section.
    • For information about purchasing yearly licenses from this screen, see Purchasing Yearly Licenses below.
    • If you wish to limit these or any other packages shown in this list, please see Update My Information under the Users section.
  4. If you have selected an Enkompass license, a pull-down menu will appear. Use the pull down menu to select the number of users that your license will host, in multiples of 500. The cost of the license will be printed below the Package menu when you have made your selection.
  5. If you have selected a cPanel/WHM license, select the type of licenses you wish to purchase in the License Type section.
    • You will currently see options for Lite, Standard and Pro ( Pro is selected by default).
    • The Lite option cannot currently be selected, as this is not currently available. It may be added in the future.
    • note Note: There is no difference in cost between Standard and Pro. The Pro option simply allows your customer to be able to use some additional features through WHM. For this reason, we recommend keeping Pro selected when adding new licenses.
  6. If you have a coupon code, enter it in the Coupon Code field.
  7. Read the note about internal and external licenses. Please note that external licenses are only available to cPanel distributors.
  8. Click Add.

Once you have added the license, Manage2 displays:

  • The license ID, with a link to the Modify a License screen, and
  • A link to, where you can confirm the license’s status.

Purchasing and Renewing Yearly Licenses

You can use the Add License interface to renew current yearly licenses or purchase new licenses. In the Package list box, you will notice options to purchase a Yearly License for your account.

  • When you add one of these licenses, you will receive a 30% discount off the cost listed on our website. Your discounted cost appears below the selection box.
  • Once you have added a Yearly License, you will receive an invoice for it on your Account History screen. This invoice will be subject to the same Net Terms you have for your monthly invoices.
  • PICK Important: Please be very careful when adding these licenses, as you receive the invoice as soon as the license has been added to your account.

When renewing a yearly license, follow the same procedure as listed in the Add License section. You will reach a screen stating that the IP address is already actively licensed.

  • To renew the license, simply click Click Here for Forced Add.

You will then be provided with an invoice, renewal date, and any additional license information.

Transferring a license from another reseller

If you need to add a license that is or was previously licensed through another reseller, once you click Add, you will be brought to the second page.

  • PICK Remember: License transfer must be approved by cPanel.

This page will also show the license information, so you can see by whom it was previously licensed.

  • If you wish to proceed with the license transfer process, select click here to continue.

Next, you will see a message stating that the previous reseller has been contacted. Manage2 also displays a confirmation number for the request. You will then receive notice via email once our staff reviews the reseller’s response.

We allow 48 hours for the other reseller to provide information regarding the transfer for our review. Not all requests will take the full 48 hours, but in the event we do not receive any feedback from the other Reseller, our staff will review the request and process the transfer after 48 hours has passed. This procedure is in place to prevent possible fraud.

Once cPanel has made a determination on the transfer request, both you and the other reseller will receive notification of the final outcome, whether the request was approved or denied, and the reasoning for that outcome.

If you have any questions regarding a specific license transfer, or how the transfer process works, please contact our customer service department using the Contact Us option at the top of the page.

Download an Active License Spreadsheet

This feature will let you access a CSV file that contains a list of your current active licenses, as well as some detailed information for each license. You can import this CSV file to the spreadsheet application of your choice.

List Active Licenses

You can view all of your licenses by clicking List Active Licenses. This list is very similar to the Download an Active License Spreadsheet feature; however, there are additional options available on this page.

On the right side of the screen, you will see 4 options for each licensed IP. Those options are:

  • Expire
  • View/Modify
  • Priority Support
  • Transfer


When you click Expire to begin the process of removing the license from your account, Manage2 displays the Expire License screen.

To expire the license:

  1. Type the reason the license is being expired.
    • Though this step is not required, we recommend completing it, as it aids both you and cPanel in tracking license transfers and fraudulent or non-paying accounts.
  2. Click Expire License.

You may check the List Active Licenses page to confirm that the license has been successfully removed.


cPanel/WHM Licenses

This option allows you to view the license information for a specific IP address. From this page, you are able to change the group, package, or IP address.

  1. Change the desired license trait:
    • To change the IP address, type the new IP into the Ip Address box.
    • To change the group, select the desired group from the Group drop-down menu.
    • To change the package, select the desired package from the Package drop-down menu.
    • PICK Remember: If necessary, you may change all 3.
  2. Click Update.

Enkompass Licenses

  1. Change the desired license trait:
    • To change the IP address, type the new IP into the Ip Address box.
    • To change the group, select the desired group from the Group drop-down menu.
  2. Click Update.

If you wish to change the number of accounts your license can use, click the appropriate link in the Max Account section. From this interface you can:

  • Change the IP address by typing the new IP into the Ip Address box.
  • Change the group by selecting the desired group from the Group drop-down menu.
  • Change the number of accounts the license can use by selecting a new value from the Number of Accounts pull-down menu.

When you are finished making your changes, click the View Options button and select the option you wish to use on the following page.

Priority Support

This feature allows you to submit a Priority Support Request for a specific IP address.

Once you have confirmed that the IP address is correct, click Go. You will be taken to the cPanel ticket system. From here, you can submit a support-, customer service-, or sales-related request.


Selecting this option will allow you to transfer the license to a new IP address. For more information, see the Transfer License documentation.

List Expired/Suspended Licenses

This feature will allow you to view licenses that have been expired (ie, deactivated) from your account.

note Note: If an IP address has been added and removed more than once, the IP address may be listed more than once in this list. This demonstrates why it is important to list reasons when expiring licenses, so that both your company and cPanel can differentiate between entries in the list.

Customizing the List

At the top of the page, you may select a range of days you wish for the list to cover. The default setting to show all licenses that have been expired/suspended within the last 60 days. To change the date range:

  1. Enter the desired number of days in the Days text box.
  2. Click Go.


Reactivating a License

You may use this list, rather than the Add License feature, to reactivate licenses.

To reactivate a license:

  1. Under the Ip heading, locate the IP address of the license you wish to reactivate.
  2. Under the Actions heading for that IP address, click Reactivate.

PICK Important: Please be very careful to ensure the correct license is being reactivated.

Recently Added Licenses

To see licenses that have been added to your account during the past 48 hours, click Recently Added Licenses.

The IP address, date added, and additional information about the license will appear.

  • You can view the View Group Licenses screen by clicking a group from the list.

Rejected License Requests

This feature will show the last 300 license requests you have made that did not sync with the cPanel license server.

The IP address, hostname, cPanel version, rejection reason, and other information will appear for each rejected request.

Review Pending Transfers

This feature allows you to view any pending license transfers you have for licenses with another reseller.

Search for a license

Click Search for a license to search through the licenses in your account. The search results will include active and expired licenses.

  1. Select a search type. You may search by:
    • Email —The email address associated with the license.
    • Ipregrex — A portion of the IP address associated with the license, using regular expressions.
    • Ip — The exact IP address associated with the license.
    • Hostname — The hostname associated with the license.
    • Hostnamepartial — A portion of the hostname associated with the license.
  2. Enter the search criteria in the text box.
  3. Click Find.


Once the search results are returned, you will have the ability to:

  • Expire a license. For more information, see the Expire License documentation.
  • View and modify the license. For more information, see the Modify a License documentation.
  • Edit the group associated with a given license. For more information, see the Edit Group documentation.

Transfer a License

This feature lets you transfer a license from the current IP address to a new IP address.

To transfer the license:

  1. In the Old Ip Address field, type the old IP.
  2. In the New Ip Address field, type the new IP.
  3. Click Transfer.


Next the Manage2 interface provides you with 2 links:

  • — This site displays the license status of the new IP address.
  • Reverse the Transfer — This link allows you to undo the transfer.
    • note Note: If the Manage2 system encounters any problems reversing the license, they will be shown here.

note Note: If the new IP address is currently licensed or was previously licensed, the system may not allow the transfer. If this occurs, please use the Contact Us option at the top of the page, so we can look into the issue for you.

For additional information regarding license transfers from one reseller to another, see the Add License documentation.

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