Enkompass Plans

Plans in Enkompass are much like Packages in cPanel & WHM. Plans dictate the resources WSO (Web Site Owner) users and resellers can use. For example, you can limit the monthly bandwidth an account can use, the amount of disk space to which an account has access, and more.

Once a plan is created, it can be applied to any number of accounts. This allows you to easily manage which features you wish to offer your users.

Plans can be created by both the Admin account and by individual resellers.

Creating new plans

If you wish to create a new plan, click the Add New button in the Manage Plans (Home >> Plans >> Manage Plans) interface.

Using this feature, you can create a selection of plans you wish to offer. For example, you may want to offer 3 different plans at $30, $60, and $100 per month with varying limits and features. When you are finished making your changes, click the Save button.

Editing existing plans

If you wish to edit an existing plan, click the Edit button that corresponds to the plan you wish to modify in the Manage Plans (Home >> Plans >> Manage Plans) interface. Once the new page loads, simply make changes to the appropriate values and click the Save button.

Copying and cloning plans

You can also copy existing plans from one reseller account to another using the Copy a Plan feature at Home >> Plans >> Copy a Plan.

You can also clone an existing plan using Clone a Plan option on the Copy a Plan screen. This is useful for creating a new version of an existing plan you wish to modify.

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