Enkompass Basics

This page provides some basic information about administering a web server with Enkompass.

Managing servers

Enkompass must know how to contact all the mail, database, and web servers in the Active Directory Domain that you want it to control.

  1. In the left pane of the Administrator Interface, click the Server Manager link in the Server Configuration section.

    Locating the Server Manager feature.

  2. Click Add.
    The Server Manager screen.

  3. Select the type of server you wish to add from the Service Type pull-down menu.

    The Service Type screen.

  4. Enter a description for this server.
    • This should be a name that easily identifies this server to your users.
  5. Fill in the appropriate user name, password, and any other required fields.
    • The user name, password, and additional information may vary depending on which type of service you wish to add.
  6. Click the Add Service button.
    • This will take several minutes and you should wait for the installation to finish on each server.
  7. Repeat these steps for all the remote servers in the Active Directory Domain that you want Enkompass to control.

How IPs are used

The Add a New IP Address option.

  1. In the left pane of the Administrator Interface, click the Add a New IP Address menu in the IP Functions section.
    The Add a New IP Address screen.
  2. On the Add a New IP Address screen, type the IP address(es) that you want to make known to Enkompass, and click Add.
    • Enkompass will scan the servers to see whether that IP address is assigned to a network card. If it is not in use, it will ask which server and network card you want to assign the IP to.
  3. Select the IP address(es) you wish to allocate, and the web server you wish to assign the IP to, and click Allocate IP(s).

IPs are assigned one of five states. These assignments are visible on the View IP Usage screen:

  • Unused — In the system but not assigned to any use.
  • Assigned — Assigned to a network card on a server.
  • Reserved for a reason — An IP you do not want used.
  • Reserved for a Reseller — An Assigned IP exclusively allocated to one reseller for use on his or her websites. Use the Reseller Center to allocate the IP.
  • Dedicated — An Assigned IP exclusively given to one account for use by its website. Use the Create Account Wizard to allocate the IP.

The View IP Usage screen.

System backups

Enkompass comes with a scheduled service that can perform system backups of the on a periodic basis. You can configure the backup schedule and the sites to be backed up using the Configure Backup menu in the Backup section.

These backup sets are kept in the system backup folder and should be moved to a tape or backup server on a regular schedule. The Reseller and the Web Site Owner can restore accounts from this folder. The Enkompass settings are stored in XML files and are zipped together with the user's files to form a backup set. If you require it, you can restore your system using the Restore Backups feature.

The Backup Features


You can install and manage certificates using the Certificate Manager in the Administrator Interface.

The Certificate Manager Interface

Website structure

When a reseller creates a Web Site Owner account, the following structure is put in place for hosting the account's website:

  • A folder is created for the website owner on the drive or web server chosen during the Enkompass installation.
  • A IIS Virtual Directory is created pointing to the user's folder.
  • One app pool is created to run the website code. Addon domains and subdomains also run in this app pool.
  • A default mail account was created using the MTA that was assigned to the reseller. (This will be either MailEnable or SmarterMail.)
  • An entry is put into the IIS7 Shared Configuration File pointing to the web.config for the website.

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