Designing Your Active Directory Domain and Licensing Enkompass

ALERT! Important: You need a license in order to install Enkompass. Use the cPanel Partner Search to locate a cPanel Partner that offers Enkompass licenses. Or, purchase directly from cPanel. You can apply for a 30-day test license at the cPanel Store.


First, let's take a look at some of the key terms we will use throughout this documentation.

Admin: The user who owns the installation of Enkompass. Admin configures and allocates all the servers, languages, and mail reseller accounts in the web hosting environment. He or she can log into the Reseller Interface (formerly called WHM) on port 2086 (unsecured) or 2087 (secured). Admin creates the top-level resellers.

Reseller: Resellers are created by Admin. Resellers are allocated servers by Admin and can create their own branding themes. A reseller can create other resellers and allocate servers to the new reseller. Resellers granted Admin privileges have all the privileges of Admin, except that they cannot add languages or servers to the web hosting environment.

Web Site Owner: A user who owns a website, including its add-on, parked, and subdomains. They log into the Web Site Owner Interface (formerly called cPanel) at port 2082 (unsecured) or 2083 (secured) to manage their websites.

Web Hosting Environment: All the web, database, and mail servers in one Active Directory Domain that are controlled by one Enkompass server.

Designing your Active Directory Domain

Enkompass requires a Microsoft Active Directory Controller with Integrated DNS to operate. Active Directory is used to authenticate resellers, web site owners, and IIS7 Shared Configurations.

Single Server

It is possible to use one server to host Enkompass and all of the web hosting services that it controls. We use this structure when developing our code and demonstrating the product. However, this is not a desirable solution in the Windows world because of licensing expenses, performance issues, security issues, and software conflicts.

Distributed System

Enkompass was designed to control a web hosting environment where the mail, database, and web services are distributed among servers optimized for each service. In this environment, you can control your licensing costs and add performance as you need it: you can add multiple web servers, mail servers, and database servers as the workload increases. Enkompass is only installed on one server. Only one Enkompass license is required per account.

Illustration of the Enkompass domain.

Enkompass locates all the user files in one file path, preferably on a NAS or SAN. Enkompass uses the IIS7 Shared Configuration, so the websites can run on any web server in the hosting environment. This system gives you load balancing and redundancy for your websites.

  • The core environment requires these two servers:
    • Active Directory Controller
      • RAID
      • Windows Server® 2008 x64 Standard
      • 2+ GB memory
    • IIS7 Web Server for Enkompass
      • Windows Server® 2008 x64 Web
      • 4+ GB memory
      • 64-bit processor only

  • Add these servers depending on your web hosting offerings:
    • IIS7 Web Servers
      • Windows Server® 2008 x64 Web
      • 2+ GB memory
    • Server for SmarterMail 5.5.3+
      • Windows Server® 2008 x64 Web for SmarterMail Lite (POP exclusive)
      • Windows Server® 2008 x64 Standard for SmarterMail Pro or Enterprise (with IMAP and MAPI)
      • 2+ GB memory
      • IIS7 not required
    • IIS7 Web Server for MailEnable 3.62+
      • Windows Server® 2008 x64 Web for MailEnable Standard (POP exclusive)
      • Windows Server® 2008 x64 Standard for MailEnable Pro or Enterprise (with IMAP)
      • 2+ GB memory
    • Server for MySQL 5.1
      • Windows Server® 2008 x64 Web or Standard
      • 2+ GB memory
      • IIS7 not required
    • Server for Microsoft® SQL Server 2005/2008
      • Windows Server® 2008 x64 Standard, Datacenter, or Enterprise
      • 4+ GB memory

  • A more ideal domain would also have:
    • A backup Active Directory controller
      • RAID 5
      • Windows Server® 2008 x64 Standard
      • 2-4 GB memory
    • File server to hold the websites' IIS virtual directories
      • NAS
      • SAN
      • Windows Server® 2008 x64 Standard or Enterprise with RAID



There are at least three ways to license the Windows® 2008 x64 servers:

  • Purchase regular processor licenses and a CAL for every user.
  • Monthly rental through the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA).
    • Unlimited number of users with a charge for each processor.
    • Pay for each authenticated user on each server.

Most hosting companies use the SPLA program to avoid the huge upfront costs of purchasing regular licenses, and the per processor SPLA to avoid having to keep track of authenticated users. The agreements and contracts are very complex and you need to contact Microsoft to have them help you with these issues.


  • A license is required for each installation of Enkompass. This license will activate Enkompass and will keep it running as long as the rental fee is paid. Enkompass must have Internet access to our licensing servers in order to stay activated. It will check the status of the license several times a day, and must contact the server within 48 hours to stay activated.

  • A license is required for each user of Enkompass who logs in through the Reseller Interface or the Web Site Owner Interface. When the number of users exceeds the number of user licenses you are renting, you will not be able to create new accounts or subdomains. Existing resellers and website owners will still be able to manage their accounts.

  • When you are setting up your hosting environment, please keep in mind that the Active Directory Domain Controller will receive a lot of requests from Enkompass, and we expect Active Directory performance will slow above 10,000 users.

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