Getting Started with Enkompass

This page contains information about accessing Enkompass' administrator and reseller interfaces.

The Admin Account

The Admin account is the most powerful account in the Administrator Interface.

  • Admin is used to set up the system-wide resources in Enkompass and create the main reseller accounts.
  • This account was created at installation and uses the password you specified during installation. (We recommend you use a secure password of at least 10 characters. You can enforce this by setting the password requirements in Microsoft Active Directory Group Policies.)

The administrator account (Admin) is used by administrators to control the web hosting environment. You need to log into the administrator account (Admin) to configure the hosting environment before adding accounts for individual web site owners (WSO users).

The Administrator Interface.

Logging into the Admin account

To log into the secure web interface, use the URL below. Using this port number (2087) will create a secure (encrypted) connection between your personal computer and your server.

noteNote: In the example above, stands for your server's IP address.

To log into the standard (unsecured) web interface, you can use the URL below. Using this port number (2086) will create an unencrypted connection between your personal computer and your server. You should only use this option if you have difficulty accessing your server of a secured connection on port 2087.

noteNote: In the example above, stands for your server's IP address.

Once you have reached the login screen, you can access the Admin account by entering Admin in the User Name field and the password you specified during installation in the Password field.

Reseller accounts

You can set up reseller accounts using the Admin account. Resellers have access to a limited Enkompass administrator interface. You may use the Reseller features to control which features the reseller can access.

Once you have created a reseller account, the reseller can access both a WSO interface and the Enkompass administrator interface using his or her reseller name and password. To access the limited Enkompass administrator interface, he or she will simply need to enter one of the URLs listed above and enter the appropriate login information.

The reseller hierarchy

Resellers in Enkompass can be hierarchical, with one reseller owning another and inheriting the owner's limits. The Admin user will create the top-level resellers and set their limits. Resellers can log in and create other reseller and user accounts, and set limits that do not exceed their own limits.

Users exist in the following hierarchy:

  • Admin (and resellers with Admin privileges)
    • Languages
    • Remote Servers
    • IP Addresses
    • System Backups
    • Resellers
      • Privileges
      • Themes
      • Plans
      • WSO Users
        • Databases
        • FTP accounts
        • Certificates
        • Mail Accounts
        • Websites
        • User Backups
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