Account Information

For WHM version 11.30

(Main >> Account Information)

This set of features allows you to view information about specific accounts, your accounts in general, and provides a number of configuration options.

  • List Accounts — This feature will list all of the accounts hosted on your server. The interface provides a number of options for you to edit as well. For example, you can change the master password for an account, IP addresses associated with accounts, or primary contact email addresses. In order to access many of these functions you must click the edit icon.

  • List Parked Domains — A parked domain is a domain that simply points to another domain. You may assign multiple domain names to point to your domain using parked domains. For example, is parked on, allowing users who type to reach

  • List Subdomains — Subdomains function as URLs for different sections of a website. For example, may have the subdomain for its documentation section; this may be easier for visitors to remember than

  • List Suspended Accounts — This feature is a list of any suspended accounts hosted by your server. Using this list, you are able to unsuspend or terminate an account.

  • Search Accounts — This feature allows you to search for accounts and access the List Accounts screen.

  • Show Accounts over Quota — "Accounts over quota" refers to accounts using more disk space than they have been allocated by their disk space quotas. This feature is a simple list of accounts that have exceeded their quotas. Using this feature, you are able to change the quotas.

  • View Bandwidth Usage — This bandwidth monitoring tool monitors traffic from HTTP (browser traffic), FTP (files transferred), SMTP (sent mail), and POP3/IMAP (received mail).

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