WHM News

For WHM versions 11.25/11.26

The News link at the top of the WHM screen provides up-to-date information about your server. The information is divided up into 3 sections:

Update notices

These messages provide information about recent updates of WHM and cPanel. They may also link to patches for any known issues.

This feature also contains a meter for the severity of any known issues for which we are providing a patch.

If you are experiencing any problems with your server, you should check this area of WHM before seeking help anywhere else.

Release notes

This section contains a link to detailed information about your version of WHM and cPanel.

This link contains an FAQ and will disclose known issues and new features in the current version of the WHM/cPanel software. You can visit this page for WHM/cPanel 11.24 here.

The Apache security/version table

This table shows selected Apache modules you have installed on your server.

The information is divided into 4 columns:

  • Module — The module to which the other information in the row pertains.
  • Apache Core — The Apache web server. For more information visit http://httpd.apache.org/.
  • mod_ssl — The module that provides SSL cryptography to the Apache web server. For more information visit http://www.modssl.org.
  • OpenSSL — A general purpose, open source, cryptographic library for SSL and TLS. Fore more information visit http://www.openssl.org.
  • Passthrough Authentication — Also seen as mod_auth_passthrough. A module that is installed with Apache to allow other programs to use their own authentication methods. cPanel uses it specifically to allow FrontPage® to use its own authentication system.
  • Bandwidth Limiter — Also seen as mod_bwlimited. The module that is installed with WHM and cPanel that allows you to limit your users’ bandwidth usage.
  • FrontPage® — The FrontPage extensions that are installed with WHM and cPanel.
    • note Note: FrontPage extensions are no longer supported by Microsoft®. Exercise caution when allowing users to use FrontPage extensions.
  • Latest Version — The newest version of the corresponding module that is available.
  • Installed Version — The version of the module that is currently installed on your server.
  • Status — Shows whether or not the corresponding module is considered secure.
    • lock.jpg— The module is considered secure.
    • unlock.jpg— The module is considered insecure.

note Note: To update an Apache module, and to view more complete information about the modules installed on your server, access the EasyApache (Apache Update) feature and consult the Short Options List? and Exhaustive Options List? .

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