For WHM version 11.24

Using the security functions, you are able to better secure your server. You may fix any insecurities with SuEXEC or CGI, as well as manage SSH keys, users, and more.

  • Manage SSH Keys — This feature allows you to control existing SSH keys on your web server. You may also add and import new SSH keys to your server. When managing your keys, you will find they are divided into public and private key sets on 2 separate lists.

  • Manage Wheel Group Users — The wheel group contains specific users who are able to execute the su command. This command allows the user to gain root or superuser access.

  • Quick Security Scan — This feature disables operating system-level services that are not necessary for your web server.

  • Scan for Trojan Horses — This feature scans system files that have been modified by something other than cPanel or the server’s operating system. It is recommended that you investigate these files to ensure they have not been injected with malicious code.

  • Security Center — This feature contains a number of functions for improving and tweaking your security preferences. For example, using the Security Center, you are free to define a minimum required password strength for your cPanel users.
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