For WHM version 11.24

SSL and TLS are cryptographic schemes that allow a visitor’s web browser to communicate securely with a web server. All sensitive data (credit card numbers, login information, etc.) that is transmitted over the Internet should be protected by SSL/TLS. TLS is simply the more recent version of SSL. This area of WHM allows you to perform several functions to help secure your server.

  • Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain — When you use this feature, WHM will automatically install your SSL certificate and private key in the correct directories. You may either paste the certificate and key into the fields on the screen yourself, or allow WHM to retrieve them.

  • Manage SSL Hosts — This area of WHM lets you share SSL certificates, and manage certificates by domain and user.

  • Purchase and Install SSL Certificate — This feature will allow you to purchase an SSL certificate for installation directly from WHM. Currently, Trustwave┬« is the only the certificate authority that you can purchase from using this method.

  • SSL Key/Crt Manager — This feature lets you view all of the keys and certificates installed on your server. The SSL Key/Crt Manager table displays each key, certificate signing request (CSR), and certificate on your server.
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